Everything I underlined in Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red (March 2011)

What is an adjective? Nouns name the world. Verbs activate the names. Adjectives come from somewhere else. The word adjective (epitheton in Greek) is itself an adjective meaning “placed on top,” “added,” “appended,” “imported,” “foreign.” (p. 4)

Facts are bigger in the dark. (p. 28)

as night climbed ashore. (p. 34)

and there it was one of those moments/ that is the opposite of blindness. (p. 39)

leaving behind just ghosts/ rustling like an old map. (p.42)

sunset was startling drops at the window… (p. 42)

Sometimes a journey makes itself necessary. (p. 46)

trailing/ a bad dust of its dream (p. 48)

Volcano blood! Claimed/ the temperature of his body was a continuous 130 degrees and let people/ touch his skin for 75 cents/ at the back of the tent. (p. 59)

in that blurred state/ between awake and asleep when too many intake valves are open in the soul. (p. 60)

the skin of the soul/ is a miracle of mutual pressures. (p. 60)

He forgot for a moment that he was a brokenheart/ then he remembered. Sick lurch. (p. 70)

Geryon’s life entered a numb time, caught between the tongue and the taste. (p. 72)

Among their variations of the verb/ ‘to bite’ was a word that meant ‘ to come surprisingly on a hard substance/ when eating something soft. (p. 80)

A man moves through time. It means nothing except that,/ like a harpoon, one thrown he will arrive. (p. 81)

the blank desertion of his own mind (p. 84)

the noise colors make (p. 84)

the terrible slopes of time (p. 90)

pile words up all around the terror/ of Pascal until it could hardly be seen— (p. 91)

So blank and/ so bizarre would be/ the human life that tried to live outside belief in belief. Thus Aristotle. (p. 92)

Much truer/ is the time that strays into photographs and stops. (p. 93)

At what point does one say of a man/ that he has become unreal? (p. 98)

We would think ourselves continuous with the world if we did not have moods./ It is state-of-mind that discloses to us/ (Heidegger claims) that we are beings who have been thrown into something else. (p. 98)

The sound/ was hot as a color inside. (p. 108)

to make love early in the morning like a sleepy bear/ taking the lid off a jar of honey— (p. 111)

We are amazing beings,/ Geryon is thinking. We are neighbors of fire./ And now time is rushing towards them/ where they stand side by side with arms touching, immortality on their faces,/ night at their back. (p. 146)

there is a link between geology and character. (p. 149)